Friday, July 10, 2020

Sunflower honeybee

Jilda pointed out in her blog last night that the limoncello sunflowers had bloomed. We have sunflowers that are ten feet tall with blossoms as big as volleyballs, but they are slow to bloom.

This year we got limoncello sunflower seeds from our commercial vendor, and they were the first to bloom. These little scutters are only about 18 inches tall.

When I stepped over to check on the watermelons this afternoon, I saw one of our honeybees wallowing in the limoncello pollen. We planted the smaller sunflowers as borders around our garden areas.

The sun was hot, but I stood for a long while watching this girl work. By the time she lifted off the bloom, she both pollen baskets on her hind legs were packed.

As I turned to walk toward the welcoming shade of the backyard, I had to smile. The sunflowers should bloom until the first frost. To be a viable source of food, I would need acres of sunflowers. We're not there yet, but we planted more flowers than we did last year.


  1. Every little helps.
    Mind you acres of blooming sunflowers is a glorious sight.

  2. What a pretty sunflower and a lucky Bee Imma guessing. I ain't gonna make a grower, but I am trying. LOL
    Good stuff, I know you guys and the bees are gonna enjoy the sunflowers.
    Sherry &jack

  3. A friend of mine loves sunflowers, and your are really pretty!

  4. You have a wonderful place and more flowers than anyone else I know. Those sunflowers and busy bees are a delight for sure. You are a bright spot in my world for sure !

  5. The sunflowers and the bees will bring you so much beauty and satisfaction.

  6. Nice but f or me a tad freaky

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