Thursday, July 09, 2020

Green thumb

Jilda and I walked over to our niece Samantha's house yesterday evening as the sun was setting. She'd never grown a garden in her life until this year. The virus put her out of work, so rather than sitting around brooding, she planted a garden.

I think she was as surprised as we were that she has a green thumb. Her garden is amazing.

We stood and talked for a while as we swatted at gnats and mosquitos, but before we left to walk back home, I snapped a picture of her patch of flowers. It looks like a painting at the end of her garden.


  1. I hope that she continues to garden. Solace and beauty never go astray. For any of us.

  2. It is enjoyable to see someone with a green thumb and use it. And for us who haven't, we can at least absorb the beauty.
    Sherry & jack

  3. Good for Samantha for growing instead of wilting.


  4. Samantha's garden is truly splendid.

  5. How beautiful ! She definitely has a green thumb.

  6. I would have sworn it was a painting! What a garden, what a photo.

  7. Flowers always brings joy that's why I have so many flower gardens.
    I'm glad Samantha is enjoying her newly discovered green thumb.

  8. The photo & flowers remind me of a Monet....lovely!


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