Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Already Gone

A few weeks ago we discovered a Cardinal's nest in our fuchsia plant just outside our window. I went in for a closer look a few days later and there were two small grey speckled eggs about the size of the end of your thumb.
Several days ago we noticed a flurry of activity at the nest as the mamma and daddy flew in and out. I sneaked out and peaked in the nest a there were two tiny Cardinals "not as big as a minute," as my grandmother has said. I had planned to photograph the little critters to post on the blog but when I went out today, they had already flown off to make their own way.
Things move at the speed of life and if you blink your eyes for a moment, things have passed you by. I've heard people with children express this same sentiment. One moment you are holding them like a tiny teddy bear and the next moment they are walking down the isle with a diploma in hand and all you're left with is a box of photographs and an sea of memories. The good part, they say, is that when your children have children, you are clever enough to pay close attention...to savor every moment and spoil them in ways that you never had the time to do when they themselves were children.
I hope the baby Cardinals come back next year to lay eggs by our front window. I promise to pay closer attention.


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  3. So Beautiful Memories Even in New Trends life its like happened yesterday.


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