Monday, May 22, 2006

The Magic of Twilight

The Sumiton Community Center faces the west and coming out of yoga class tonight the sun was setting behind charcoal clouds. The outer edge of the clouds were outlined with a golden thread of light. The sky beyond was mauve, burnt orange and other colors you could only find on the palette of an impressionist painter. Quite a show I must say.
There is something about twilight that is almost magical. Most birds and squirrels are scurrying around getting settled for the evening. Carlos Castaneda, the enigmatic author who wrote extensively of the Yaki Indians of Mexico said that twilight was the most power time of day...just before waning light of day gives into the darkness.
When we went to Las Vegas a few years ago we stayed at Bally's Hotel and Casino. It is connected to Paris Las Vegas hotel with a tunnel-like building that is painted the color of twilight. No matter what time of day or night you walk through this area, it looks like you should be able to see lightning bugs.
One night while we were there it was about 3 a.m. and I was running out of steam. As we walked through the Paris area, I got a boost of energy. It was like I was a young man getting ready to go out on a date for the evening. I stayed up the rest of then night but then I crashed hard the next morning.
As I think back on that experience just now, I realized that it is no accident that Paris is painted that way. Somebody understood that there is indeed something magical about twilight.

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