Sunday, May 21, 2006


Jilda and planted a few cloves of garlic several years ago. We thought we'd have a few cloves to use for cooking. The first year, every clove we planted grew beautiful plants. When they put out their mauve blossoms we dug up about eight bulbs which contained the cloves.
We were thrilled.
The following year we got busy and didn't buy more cloves to plant. The next spring, quite unexpectedly, new garlic plants peeked up and began to grow. This time we had several more plants than we originally planted. Since then our crop has increased each year.
This morning as we sat on the deck drinking our coffee, the sun rose up bright out of the east. The warm weather of last few days coaxed the garlic blossoms out in full. After breakfast I got a shovel and dug up our harvest which was the biggest ever.
You could smell the pungent aroma as Jilda cut the bulbs from the onion like stems.
I can't wait to have some spaghetti with garlic bread.

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