Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Truth

Jilda sent me a quote yesterday that says:
"Lies are only lies if you believe them.
.....Truth is still the truth even if you don't believe it."
I have to watch myself because it's easy to get caught up in emotion. I have very strong feelings about politics, the war, the president, religion, personal rights, and many other left leaning ideals.
I get a lot of emails that conflict with my beliefs and there was a time I allowed myself to become angry and I would fire off missives explaining just how wrong the views of the sender were....and when I received emails that supported my views I wanted so badly to believe that they were true....but I've learned that more times than not when you check out the details on one of the Urban Legend websites, the emails are simply untrue. If an email makes you angry, there's a good chance it's a lie.
In our country there seems to be a great divide. Not only between the liberals and the conservatives but between the have and the have nots. Between the people born here and the people who come here looking for opportunity.
I think that we are being ruled by fear. Fear of terrorists, fear of aliens, of blacks, of whites, of gays, of the religious right, of the Godless infidels, of anyone who doesn't look and think like us. We don't like Yankees, rednecks, goths or geeks.....or those skinny tattooed guys with shaved heads and pants that show their underwear.
The truth is, we're all living in a garden. I don't think the Good Lord made mistakes. I believe that our challenge in our journey through this life is to learn how to live together. To be slow to judge and quick to forgive. To love our neighbors in spite of their political leanings or sexual orientation. To take only what we need to live our lives fully and to help those less fortunate....to leave the earth a better place for us having been here.

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