Friday, May 19, 2006

Swing Nap

Jilda's family met today to work around her mom's house getting it ready to sell. We got down there early and like a swarm of bees we went to work cutting grass, weedeating, cutting back shrubs and bushes. Jilda and her sister began inside and spent a great of time throwing stuff away but every item was a decision. What to keep, what to throw away? Their progress was measured in tears because the bruise is still fresh.
We finished in the yard and were waiting on my niece to bring lunch so I took an opportunity to lie down in Ruby's old yard swing. By mid-day it was moderately warm with a nice breeze out of the northwest. I looked up through the maple tree at the dappled sunlight filtering through the leaves. Blue Jays were not happy that I was there, perhaps because I was in "their space" but I let them fuss as I drifted off to sleep.
I can sleep in a hurricane. I got that gene from my dad who was also an avid napper. On holidays in Sharky and Ruby's living room, the place was a madhouse but I could sit in that recliner and engage the sound reduction device in my head and off I went.
Today however, I woke up when I smelled fried chicken and heard my niece "oh, just let him sleep." Not a chance because the only thing I like better than napping is eating.
The house will be ready for sale in a couple of weeks. If anyone knows someone who would like a nice house on Hull Road in Sumiton with tons of flowers, trees, and a lot of good memories, just give us a call.

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