Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I'm learning some new things on the computer. Jilda teaches Yoga and she ends every session with a 10 minute meditation. There's something about the quality of her voice that is very soothing. She has been asked a number of times to record her voice so that people can use it to wind down at night before going to bed.
I had been reading about podcasting. It's a new way to deliver both audio and video not only to the computer but to portable mp3 players. Thus the name Podcast. It's a new way for busy people to listen to their favorite content "when" they want to hear it.
They subscribe to Podcasts and their computer notifies them whenever a new Podcast to which they subscribe is available. They download it and when the plug their iPod or mp3 player in, the content goes to that device which allows them to listen any time they choose.
A lot of Podcasts are like news programs, radio shows, or other things that one might enjoy hearing. You can have your own radio show and Podcast from anywhere on the planet that has an internet connection.
If I wanted to have my own radio show with the music I love, I could line up the songs in mp3 format and record my voice just like a DJ might do. I then make these recorded programs available on this blog or maybe a website, and people would subscribe (if they like what I'm doing) listen on the go.
It's a fascinating phenomena. What's even more fascinating is how easy it is. I'm no computer programmer, I just hack my way through most of the time.
Learning new stuff is fun to me. Be on the lookout for Jilda's meditations or maybe Rick's audio blog.

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