Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Good Health is a Gift

I got up feeling much better this morning so I decided to go to work. By lunch time I felt like death eating a cracker....and I've gone down hill from there. I didn't wear my contacts today because I wanted to give my eyes a rest but the specs somehow slipped out of my hand just as I was sitting so now I have a hole in my pants, a puncture wound on my rear-end and a broken pair of reading glasses. At least I haven't eaten any tainted peanut butter this week.
I really don't enjoy feeling bad but in the scheme of things, this is nothing. I've got a really good friend going through chemo right now and compared to that my condition is like a grain of "dust in the wind" as the song goes.
The thing about it is this: if you feel good all the time you tend to take your health for granted and you should never do that. Without your health almost everything else is meaningless. You can be wealthy but you won't enjoy your money; you can have a family and friends that loves you but again if you are not well, you cannot fully appreciate or reciprocate that love.
If I was making a list of things I wanted to happen to me, getting sick would not be on that list but it is a part of life and it's something I can accept. I'll lie on my couch and take my medicine and rest until I feel better....and when I do feel better, I will be grateful for my good health.

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