Sunday, February 04, 2007

We used some gift certificates today to have lunch at Jim & Nick's BBQ. I had a plate of pork BBQ and now I feel like a slug. There should be a warning on the napkin: Diner may feel lethargy or a sluggish or sensation after eating this BBQ and should not drive or operate heavy equipment. We came home after lunch and took a nap to get ready for the Super Bowl.
I'm pulling for the Bears. The Saints were my favorite team but it was not meant to be this year.
I think they made a good choice for a venue this year. I love Miami. I went there a few years back on business. Our administrative assistant booked me in a quaint hotel on South Beach and I spent a few days in another world. Miami is almost like a European city. Indeed the ratio of people from foreign lands to native Americans is quite large.
One warm Thursday evening I sat at a patio bar sipping a cool drink and watching a sea of people walking up and down the sidewalk carrying shopping bags from expensive stores. It reminded me of New York City in a way because I saw people with gigantic tattoos, orange and green clown hair and Mohawks. The clothes ran the gamut. I saw one guy with a fur coat on roller skates and a moment later a young woman with a string bikini that she could have stored in a matchbox. There were also people straight out of fashion magazines.
Jilda flew down on Friday and we spent the weekend exploring. We had dinner Friday evening at a little Italian restaurant. The owner came over and sat with us after we ordered. "I'll just keep you company while we wait for your food. You see, my mama does the cooking and she does not get in a hurry. " After we talked with him a while, he summonsed a waiter over with a nice bottle of red wine and we talked about Miami, fishing, and things to see while we were in town. When the food arrived, it was well worth the wait.
On Saturday we took a leisurely drive down to the Keys. We had oyster hoagies at a little place right on the water. From the deck you could see huge fish swimming in the shallow water.
Life was slower down there.
Didn't mean to veer off down memory lane, but I tend to do that now and again.
Go Bears.

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