Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Warm Day

It was unseasonably warm here today. The sun came out early and the birds went scurrying about scouting out nesting spots. We have an ornamental plum tree in the back yard that is overgrown with honeysuckle. Each year we think about cleaning out all the vines but we get a late start and a Brown Thrush claims a section of thick vines for herself so we wait another year.
Saturday, it is my intention to make it happen and force Ms. Thrush to build in the vines just over the fence at the edge of my yard.
I haven't seen the Blue Birds yet but I've cleaned out and spruced up all their houses in preparation for moving-in day. They are really picky homesteaders. If their houses are not clean or if the doors face the wrong direction, you can forget it....they will go elsewhere.
The blueberry bushes we ordered a while back came in today so I'm going to go read up after dinner so that I know exactly how they should be planted and cared for to increase their chances of survival.
I'm still recovering from the crud but the drugs hopefully will began to take control soon and I will be back among the living.

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