Friday, February 23, 2007

The Owl

It was warm enough this evening that we ate with the back door open. A gentle breeze rustled the kitchen curtains and I could hear a hooting owl from the woods down around our barn. When I stepped out on the deck to get a look at the darkening sky, the half-moon directly overhead looked as if it were wearing a shower cap.
There has been a lot of timber cut in our area and I feared the owl had gone further south away from the sound of screaming chainsaws. When the heavy equipment backs up, it makes a beeping sound not unlike that of a heart monitor in an emergency room. These sounds are disquieting for me so I can't imagine what it does for the critters that once called those woods home.
It was good hearing the owl. I hope he makes his home on our property where the most disturbing sound he's likely to hear is a banjo when we have our spring cookout in April. Truth is, there are folks who say they would rather hear a chainsaw than the sound of a speeding banjo.
I'd love to buy all the land around me and plant it in Oak, Hickory, and Pine and turn it into a sanctuary for birds and small game. The owl would be the boss and if anyone wanted to cut timber, they could discuss it with him.


  1. I'm for the speeding banjo and the owl being the boss - way, way ahead of chainsaws and falling trees every time.

  2. Who, who wants to cut timber??? Who?


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