Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a big deal for most women and guys that don't believe it are delusional. I ran out at lunch today and got a card from Barnes and Noble along with a book and some Godiva Chocolate. Not a lot of stuff, but enough to let her know that I didn't stop and a 7/11 to score the goods.
I asked my co-worker what he was getting his wife and he launched into one of those long drawn out diatribes about Valentine's Day being one of those holidays "made up" by the greetings card companies, candy makers and florists to get into our pockets. He ended the conversation by saying that he had not gotten drawn into this holiday and that he wasn't getting his wife anything. I thought to myself.....I bet her boyfriend gets her something.
I for one think a card, a few flowers, and some candy is a small price to pay to show someone just how much they mean to you. Sure card companies and candy companies make a few bucks but it's worth it in the long run.
You can tell your significant other that you love them until you blue in the face, but when their friends are getting roses and lingerie, the words might sound a little hollow. A little kindness and a gift on Valentine's Day goes a long way.
My spouse has been sick as a dog (not really sure where this saying comes from but it seemed to fit) and she barely got off the couch the last few days. I had decided that we would celebrate Valentine's Day this coming Friday when she is stronger. But when I got home, there was a great dinner simmering on the stove and she painted the attached card for me. I felt badly that I didn't bring her better gifts.
So if I could offer a little advice to the cheapskate smarty-pants guys with wives that are understandably snippy, it would be don't be a goob, buy something special for the one you love.

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