Sunday, March 04, 2007

Breeze's Bed

We finished moving the last few items out of Ruby's house on Saturday before handing the keys over to the new owners. There were boxes of pictures, a lamp, a few what-nots and a day bed that she had given to Breeze.
I was whupped and disassembling the bed and transporting it to Breeze's house in Adamsville, twenty miles away, seemed like a significant undertaking and I considered letting the bed go to the new owners. But Breeze is growing like a weed and will soon outgrow the small bed in which she now sleeps. So I hitched up my belt and took the bed apart and started on the journey to Breeze's house.
Breeze is my two year old great niece and the daughter of my nephew James and his wife Andrea. Unlike most small children, Breeze actually likes me. She is not spooked by my beard or the fact that I talk loud and behave erratically at times. In fact, she seems to find me amusing because her eyes and face always light up when I come around. It was this smile that urged these old tired bones on to deliver the bed.
When we pulled into the yard, we were greeted by Breeze's older brother Stone. He was happy to see us too. Ricky who is their grandad (and my brother-in-law) went to help with the bed. Breeze had just gotten up because her hair was a mess and she was still in her jammies, but there was that smile.
We moved stuff around and assembled the bed as she and Stone looked on. I could tell by the look on her face that she loved the bed....and that smile on her face made it worth the effort.

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