Monday, March 05, 2007


The weather is really getting nice here. The sun came out warm today and the wind died down to a gentle breeze. This morning as I was walking in to our building I heard the sound of geese before I ever saw them. They were honking and forming into a v as they ascended upward. I'm guessing they wintered in Riverchase Lake and today they decided to begin their journey back up north for the summer. A woodpecker was knocking on a nearby hickory tree. I thought to myself that today would be a good day to go fishing. My friend Charlie gave me a very good rod and reel last year and I've yet to try it out.
My better judgement won out and I spent the day on conference calls and working on problems. I did my walking exercise outside at lunch and I worked up a sweat before returning to my desk.
I'm thinking about taking a day off next week and calling up my nephew Haven who has a boat and wetting a hook. I usually don't catch anything because it's not really about the fish but the fishing.

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