Sunday, March 18, 2007

New Things

The morning was cool today but when the clouds burned off around noon, the sun was warm and inviting. Unfortunately, I have spent most of my waking hours working on getting the new computer up and running. My office is a mess right now. I've got my new computer set up but I have to leave the old one functioning until I make sure I have everything I need. I could take weeks.
On Friday night Jilda and I went to a play. I mentioned a few months ago that we were writing some songs for the stage and it all came together this week at the Virginia Samford Theatre in Birmingham. "And They Heard the Thunder of Angels" is a work by Ryan C. Tittle. It was an interesting play and I think Ryan has a future as a playwright.
I haven't mentioned it to Ryan yet, but I'd love to work with him on an idea for a play that Jilda and I have been kicking around for a few years now. We really didn't know where to begin but I think it's very good idea that would translate well to stage. I also think that with Ryan's experience we could make it happen.
The plot revolves around a down and out country music songwriter who after series of life changing events, becomes hugely successful. Obviously we'd use a lot of our original material that's already written.
I love trying new things. My resume looks like it belongs to several people. Some of my past jobs include:
Chicken catcher
Chain Gang (survey crew with the State of Alabama)
Army Corporal
Newspaper Reporter/Photographer
Garage Attendant
Telephone Repairman
Computer technician
And some other things I'd rather not post.
I think playwright adds a certain symmetry to my credentials. I'll keep you posted.

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