Friday, March 02, 2007

Long Day

The storms blew through the state last night and the morning sky was blue and cloudless. The Bluebirds are building a nest in the Sweet gum tree in our back yard. This morning as we drank our coffee they were coming and going bringing twigs, straw and small clumps of moss to poke through the small hole in the Bluebird house for the nest. The male and female were both sharing with the gathering chores. It looked at times like a dance.
Soon there will be small blue speckled eggs in there and the male will spend a lot of time hanging out on nearby branches until the eggs hatch and then it's back to work feeding the youngun's.
It's been a long day today. I came home from work and picked Jilda up so that we could drive almost a hundred miles to the wake of a friend's father. We paid our respects for a few minutes and then headed on the long drive back home.
I feel like I will have to scrape my contacts off my eyes with a stick.
Y'all have a great weekend.

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