Thursday, March 22, 2007

St. Joseph

I didn't want to play hardball, but I'm pulling out all stops to sell the old Chevy. I put a St. Joseph statue in the console. Back last year when we got ready to sell the home of Jilda's deceased mom, everyone told us we were crazy. The house will never sell this time of year. It will be spring or summer before you'll sell it. We had a real estate agent look at the house and he found everything that was wrong and told us the property was overpriced.
Jilda got on the Internet and ordered a St. Joseph's statue which is the Saint of Real Estate. We went down that afternoon and buried our little statue at the end of the front walk near the road and said a littler prayer.
I know you will think I'm yanking your chain, but there was a message on our machine when we got home. "Yes, I'd like to ask about the little blue house for sale in Sumiton." Well they didn't buy the house, and neither did the other dozen or so people that called the next few days, but a young preacher called a few weeks later and made an offer on the house. I took a while to work out the details and get all the paperwork through, but he bought the house.
We promptly went down there and dug up St. Joseph.
I put an ad in the newspaper yesterday and three people have called so far. I rushed home this evening and cleaned the old Chevy up and put St. Joseph in the console. Not sure if he works for cars, but we'll know soon enough.

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