Friday, March 30, 2007

A Place by the Water

I had an unobstructed view of a Birmingham sunset this evening. The sun passed through a few clouds in the western sky but that last few minutes before it dipped behind the city skyline, it was fabulous.
Looks like my mom will have an all expense paid vacation in St. Vincents Hospital for the weekend. They are still running tests to see what's causing her pain. You can probably guess the theme of the posts for the next few days.
Jilda is going to a Reiki class tomorrow on the southside of Birmingham . It's a natural healing technique developed by a Japanese guy. The literature says it treats, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual ailments. I'm anxious to find out what she learns.
A friend of mine has some property on the Little Warrior river that we are thinking about buying. I've wanted a small place on the river for years. I helped my dad build a little two room cabin on the Black Warrior river when I was a teen. It was a fun place to spend summers. I spent a great deal of time every summer at that cabin. We fished, swam, and burned up a lot of gas running up and down the river in a small V-bottom aluminum boat. I learned to ski behind that little boat in the cool green water of that river.
The Little Warrior is too shallow in places for most boats but it's perfect for canoes, rafts and kayaks. An inner tube would be perfect. Since most boats can't get up and down the river, it's not fished that much. There are bass, bream, a crappy in there just waiting to be caught, cleaned and fried over an open fire on the bank.
The main reason we'd like to have a place on the water is for a writer's retreat. It would be easy to entice our friends from south Alabama, Nashville and other nearby cities to come and spend a relaxing weekend by the water.
It's not a done deal because we haven't seen this property and we might not be able to afford it, however I might be tempted to knock off a liquor store in order to get the necessary funds.
Take care and have a great weekend.

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