Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mom Update

My mom's back in the hospital but this time they kept her. Apparently she's got a kidney stone the size of a small pine cone which is the source of the infection. Not sure what the options will be but I'm betting none of them involve fun.
A young nurse came in shortly after she got to her room and asked "How do you feel Mrs. Watson," to which my mom replied "with my hands." The young nurse quickly looked at us almost bewildered and all we could do is shake our heads.
They brought her some lemon Jello, two cartons of cranberry juice, a cup of tea and a small bowl of chicken broth. She snerled up her nose as if someone had stepped in a cow patty and walked into the room. What she really wanted was a glass of milk and a few crackers which is her normal meal before bed but apparently that was not on the menu. STRIKE ONE.
She had me searching through the channels of the TV for the Braves. The game was not on TBS or Fox. She said "try channel 16." I tried to explain that were were forty miles from home and on a different cable provider and the channels were all different. She said "try channel 16," as if I were hard of hearing. As it turns out, the Braves would be playing on the Sports South channel which is not carried by the hospital cable system. STRIKE TWO.
After ensuring that she is stable and resting, I made a hasty retreat towards home because the nursing staff was about to come to take blood and hook up an IV. I decided that they stood a real good chance of getting STRIKE THREE and I didn't want to see the carnage if she were pushed over the line.
I plan to check the paper early in the morning for trouble at the local hospital before stopping by to see her on my way to work.

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