Monday, August 18, 2008

100,000 Miles

It seems like only yesterday I was on the car lot shopping for a new truck. I got a good deal and dumped a SUV which was like yen without the yang.
The new truck has been great. I've never owned a black vehicle before and it took some time to adjust. During the summer, the interior heats up enough to smelt iron ore. I think U.S. Steal wasted a lot of money buying coal. They should have bought a fleet of black vehicles and put the ore in there during the summer months.
Other than that, the truck has been great! Today on the way to work, it turned over 100,000 miles. Car manufacturers should program odometers to ding, blink or otherwise herald milestones. "Hey Bubba, you've driven the circumference of the earth...or you have spent a year sitting in the driver's seat of this vehicle." The S-10 Chevy pickup I had before I bought the Ranger, had 280,000 miles on it when I sold it. I would have put fewer miles on it had I driven it to the moon. My brother-in-law has had the vehicle for the last five years and he put another 100,000 miles on it. He thought I was crazy to sell it. I probably was.
Anyhow, I have never had one minute's problem with the Ford until this afternoon when I was leaving work. When I hit the starter, all it would do is click. I checked the terminals and they were corroded. I could not tell with a cursory inspection because the battery terminals have covers on them. When I looked under the covers, there was green coral looking acid/corrosion/something strange and as toxic as the ooze off plutonium.
I was standing there with the hood raised scratching my head when an old friend stopped by and gave me a jump start.
I made it over to the super-center and bought a new battery as well as new terminals which I installed in the sweltering heat outside. When the job was done, I turned the key and the Ford sprang to life.
There were people at the super center complaining about the repairs they were being forced to make to their cars but I didn't see it that way. My truck has taken me around the world almost three times. I think it deserves a new battery.


  1. Interesting. Click and Clack had an article in the paper a few days ago about corroded battery terminals and now you've had the same problem. Hmmm, very interesting. I wonder if there's a connection.

  2. I didn't have a connection and it caused my battery to go bad :)


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