Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Eagle

Jilda and I started writing a song back in 1985 called The Storm Brings Out the Eagle. I got the idea from a slogan my company was using at the time. Jilda and I worked on the song for several months and we just couldn't get it right. Then late in January of 1986 the Challenger Space Shuttle exploded just after takeoff and like most Americans and others from around the world we were stunned. A very short time later the song came together.

Some time later our friend Skip, who was working on a political campaign, mentioned the song to George McMillian who was running for Governor. George liked the song so much that he paid for recording time, and a local bluegrass band recorded the song in Nashville. The Eagle was used a various functions throughout the campaign. The candidate did not win the election and I choose to believe that it was NOT because of our song.

Several years later, our friend Ray Benson, who was the lead singer for the bluegrass band who had recorded the song, got a record deal and one of the songs on the project was The Eagle. He would be singing with a Trio and one of the members of the trio was Tracy Lea Reynolds. We became instant friends and co-writers with Tracy.

For one reason or another, the trio didn't happen and Ray backed out of the deal. Tracy went on to get a record deal of her own and she too recorded The Storm Brings Out the Eagle, along with four other songs we co-wrote with her.

During the promotion of the album, she sang live on The Grand Ol' Opry. The song she sang was The Storm Brings Out the Eagle. I have a tape of that performance. That was in the mid 1990's.
The song is still getting a little air play here and abroad.

A year or so ago, we played the song for Don Early who is another friend of ours. He has been playing music since the late 50's and he has an incredible voice. He said he loved the song and asked us for a copy of the words.

Last night we got a call from him and he said he had rearranged the song and played it for a team of movie producers this week, who were filming a "made for TV" special here in Alabama. He said the song blew them away. He thinks if he can get a good recording of the song that it may make it into the movie.

We went over there tonight and he played the song for us. It made chills run up my arm. Now we are scrambling trying to put all the players together to help record the song....Fred, if you are reading this....I need to talk to you about helping us do some recording.

I am constantly amazed by our friends. Whether this song makes the movie or not, we are flattered and humbled that our friends have believed in us and did what they could to help us be successful. The truth is, when you have great friends like ours, you are already successful.
Here are the words to The Storm Brings Out the Eagle.

When the horizon fills with clouds of the storm

Small Birds seek their refuge

When thunder rolls and the wind is born

The weak await the deluge


But the storm brings out the eagle

To challenge the wind and the cloud

Yes the storm brings out the eagle

Soaring high and free and proud

Defiantly facing the fury

Determined to see it through

May all the storms of your life

Bring out the eagle in you

When your trials are many and your triumphs are few

And your fire is down to an ember

When your spirit grows weary, and your lost and confused

There's something that you should remember



  1. It's a great song and I like both The Overalls' and Tracy's recordings. Was that the Ray Benson from Asleep At The Wheel?

  2. No it's not the same guy. Our friend Ray actually has a better voice (to me).
    BTW I like your new photo on the BLOG.


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