Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mother Nature

The rain moved in early this morning. I could hear it falling on the Rose-a-Sharon bush just outside our bedroom window. I got up silently and went to make coffee. I opened the back door and then sat at the table looking down toward the barn.
The apple and pear trees are bending down from the weight of the fruit. Like weary peddlers packing their goods to market. I'll have to do some pruning when the weather gets cold and the sap goes down.
This is the best year ever for the pears. They are huge and when you bite into them, the juice runs down your chin. I walked down to gather some tomatoes and I picked a pear the size of a softball and ate it there under the tree.
The apples still have a few more weeks before they come into their prime. I'm not sure what kind of apple they are. I planted the tree a long time ago. The fruit gets fairly large and when you bite into the, they are very sweet but they are somewhat tart....very crunchy.
Some years it's too dry and the fruit falls off before it's ready and the birds get the benefit. But this year, was a perfect combination of hot days with frequent rain. So we've had a bumper crop.
I'll be eating jelly and fried pies all winter. Thank you Mother Nature.

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