Monday, August 11, 2008


There are a lot of gadgets and other stuff today that are so engaging, so entertaining that they can steal your time like a pick-pocket snatching your wallet. Time you could and probably should be spending more wisely. The one thing that most folks don't realize is that you time is infinitely more valuable than your wallet. Oh sure, it would be a pain to cancel your credit cards and replace your driver's license, but the older you get the more you start to realize those hours you wasted paying solitaire can never be replaced.
One problem that I see (because I struggle with it) is that you lose sight of your goals and your purpose in life. Why am I here?
I watched Peaceful Warrior recently and the spiritual teacher appeared in this young gymnasts life. The gymnast became frustrated with the teacher, who worked in a gas station doing routine work there. "Why are you doing this?" the kid snapped. The teacher said "there is no higher purpose than to provide service to others."
This one statement caused me to do some self examination because it seems so often in my life, my priorities have been backwards - what can you do for me? Not, "what can I do for mankind?"
I'm afraid when the final tally is in, I will have spent too much time gettin' and not enough time givin'. It is my intention to turn this equation around.

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