Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chicken Day

Jilda and I went up to Lacon, which is a flea market up above Cullman, Alabama. It's one of the oldest flea markets in the area and is a very interesting place because you see everything from great antiques, to cheap imported tools, electronics, and domesticate rabbits.
We got there about 10 a.m. and the sun was already warm. When we got back to the live stock area, the critters were not happy about the heat. There were pot bellied pigs, ducks, geese, Guinna fowl, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, and every kind of chicken you could imagine. I never realized the variety of colors, sizes and shapes of chickens. I wanted to buy them all and take them back to the farm.
I had been looking for a nesting box for the chickens at home, but we came home empty handed, except for a big ol' bag of parched peanuts.
This evening, I rebuilt an old nesting box we acquired when our neighbor moved away. He raised game chickens that are used in chicken fighting completion. I never actually saw him fighting the chickens.
When I mentioned to a lady co-worker who was raised up north that I once had a neighbor who fought chickens, she exclaimed "well that's not very fair, a man against a chicken!" I explained that it was actually the chickens that fought each other. I don't think the neighbor would have stood a chance against a good game rooster. They would probably have pecked the guys' eyes out because he was "bad to drank."
Anyhow, I got the nesting boxes repaired and hung in the shed so that they can do their setting out of the weather.
One of the new peeps that was born the 4th of June was a rooster so we should be able to raise all the chickens we want. We're taking pre-orders for WatsonRed Chickens.

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