Friday, August 29, 2008


We've never taken a cruise before but it's something we've been thinking about lately. Obviously with two tropical systems, Gustaf and Hanna, spinning around in the Gulf of Mexico and predicted to become screaming hurricanes, now would not be the optimal time. But when things calm down, I'd like to give it a try.
Most of our friends have sailed and come back ranting and raving. Jilda has been a little hesitant because she has this little problem....she is deathly afraid of falling overboard and drowning while I'm in the casino playing roulette.
I think I've convinced her to give it a try, but I may see if we can just get on the ship and hang around while they are fueling up just to see if she feels comfortable enough to sail away from the dock. We'll need to take this one step at a time.
Have a great holiday weekend.

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