Saturday, August 09, 2008


Jilda got verification that her medications were being shipped today. As she read the email I could tell she was visibility agitated. "They are shipping my medications from Mexico! Why on earth would they be shipping drugs from Mexico?" She asked in exasperation. "There should be a law against that. How can they monotor quality control?
I heard what she was saying but it didn't make sense. I stepped over to the computer to see if I could solve the mystery when she said - Oh!, it's not Mexico, it's Medico. Medco is our medication vendor since I changed jobs back in April. She laughed so hard she almost lost her breath and I thought it was pretty funny too.
The older I get, the more tricks my eyes play on me too. Here's a "funny" about growing older. One old guy was telling a friend that he had just purchased a new hearing aid. "I can hear like a baby now," he bragged. His friend, who was getting a little hard of hearing too said "what kind is it?" The first man looked at his watch and said it's 4:30.
This joke has nothing to do with age but it's pretty funny none the less:
Did you hear about the dyslexic agnostic? He doesn't believe in Dog.
Have a great Saturday evening.

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