Friday, October 24, 2008


We are playing the Old Time Radio Show in Lynchburg, Tennessee tomorrow. It may be crowded because it's also the annual Jack Daniels BBQ Cook Off. Last year it was televised on the Food Network. Not sure if it will this year and even if they do, there's no way of know if we'll make it on screen but maybe we will. After all, one of The Overalls' most requested song is one we wrote entitled BBQ. Here are the lyrics:

I've got a cravin for something fine
Don't want burgers and I don't want fries
Don't want chicken and I don't want fish
Nothin fat free I want a real man's dish
Not just any old thang will do
I want some BBQ

A slab of pork with lots of sauce
You can get it like that down at Archibalds
A half pound of pig on wonder bread
I'm in heaven and I ain't dead
Nothin' else in this world will do
I want some Bar-B-Que

I feel sorry for them folks up North
They don't know nothin' about cookin' pork
They can grill steaks and they can cook hot dogs
But when it comes to smokin' hogs
Them ol' yankee's ain't got a clue
'Bout Bar-B-Que

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