Wednesday, October 08, 2008


As I reflect on these pass few days I'm trying to take the long view. Sam Walton described it best when he said, "It's only paper." Of course Sam had a lot more paper than we do. He could afford to lose some.
My friend at worked warned me not to check my 401k balance but I didn't listen. He heard me gasp and walked around from the next cube to make sure I wasn't having a conniption. All I could do was shake my head.
Like most Americans, I'm hoping this crisis will settle down after the elections. Hopefully whoever wins will get some smart people working the problem and come up with answers that don't add fuel to the fire.
I check the Gallup Poll website daily. What I'm seeing there is interesting. Who knows what the numbers will be on election day but it's quite clear that Americans are mad. Only 9% of those polled are satisfied with they way things are going. The Gallup is showing Obama moving out to a 11 point lead over McCain. If these number hold true to November 4th, will Obama win? Who knows.
I think what these numbers are saying is that America is ready for a change and they will support who they think can positively effect change. Only time will tell whether the votes will fall.

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