Friday, October 17, 2008


I don't do a lot of cookin' but what I do cook is quite good. I usually stop somewhere and pick up dinner on Friday because it's a long day for the spousal unit.
I worked from home today and decided to cook "my thang" which is chili. I have won awards with my chili. I took 4th place one year and second place another year in the Brushy Creek Chili Cookoff in Jasper. The competition is hot (pun intended) at the chili cookoff. You see all kinds of chili. Chili with potatoes, chili with shrimp, possum chili, vinison chili and I even saw chili with carrots and celery. I steered clear of that concoxion. Placing in the Brushy Creek cookoff was good but I never brought home the gold.
The other thing I can cook is cornbread. So tonight, I whipped up a batch of my special cornbread to go along with the chili.
Jilda says she could smell the cornbread baking before she opened the front door. She ate two bowls of the chili and gave me the 1st place award.

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