Tuesday, October 14, 2008


It's so easy to get out of the habit of doing right. There is massive construction at work so contractors have blocked off half the building. It was once so easy to go downstairs and walk around the inside of the massive building for fifteen minutes and get a good exercise. Since they blocked the passageways, that is no longer an option. You have to walk outside. Since I don't have a shower at my desk, I choose not to walk outside during summer months.
The solution is to exercise after I get home. That wasn't happening either. So I went several weeks without daily exercise and all of a sudden, walking became a pain in the rear. I got out of the habit and I began to feel it in my energy level and my general health.
To seal a habit, you have to do something over again until it becomes second nature. If you quit things before you finish, that too becomes a habit. Before long you are adrift like a ship with no rudder.
I got back on the exercise wagon last week and I've stuck with it. Soon I'll have redeveloped the habit and I will look forward to my walks. Next, I'm going to re-habit practicing guitar nightly.

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