Thursday, October 30, 2008


I'm not sure it is possible to pick a more beautiful week to take vacation. I didn't go anywhere but just worked around the house doing some much needed chores.
I've also been setting up places where I can sell my book. I have submitted the draft copy to Books a Million. I have no idea what impact it would have if it does get accepted. There is some small print there about returns that look a little ominous to me. Yes, we'll take 10,000 copies.....then six months later, yes Mr. Watson please give us the address to which you'd like the books returned. We sold three copies. Please make the check payable to..........Yikes!!! I need to tread slowly here and get advice from someone who's been here.
This weekend is my great nephew Stone's birthday. He was born on Halloween. He asked if he could have his party at our house. He wants us to spook up the barn and scare the dickens out of his friends. We told him we could do that. We'll hitch up the wagon to the tractor and do a hayride, a bonfire, and the whole nine yards.
I went down on the back 40 and cut a load of hickory today so I'm moving slow right now.
Happy Halloween Eve.

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