Monday, October 06, 2008

Self Discipline

I've been slacking lately. When I first started the blog it was not uncommon for my entries to be 500 words long about a wide range of topics. Now it's become a journal of sorts. The main reason is a matter of time. I sometimes spent an hour and a half coming up with a topic and refining it until if flowed off the page.
The nature of my job has changed. I'm also working on the book project, writing columns for newspapers and working on music for a new CD.
One of my buddies said to me, "why don't you cut down on the number of entries you do each week." That actually makes sense, but deep down I know my nature. Missing a day here and there might soon develop into a pattern, then a habit, and the next thing you know I have to force myself to sit down and face a blinking cursor on my screen.
Self discipline is one of the hardest things to master. I've known people who would be millionaires if they had a little self discipline. It's more important, in some ways, than talent and creativity.
So, until I get a few things off my plate, the words may be thin, but it is my intention that they be constant.

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  1. Anonymous4:49 PM

    And if you didn't then I wouldn't have anything to read.


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