Friday, July 31, 2009

Coffee Shop Gig and Computer Update

Quick update on the computer woes:
Computer 1
Rick 1
I managed to get the new drive to format and I then managed to make a backup of my entire computer on the new drive. Wrong. Apparently, I should have made a Clone of my C: drive which would then have made it bootable. That didn't happen so tonight, I'm going back in armed with the new information. More later on this.
Last night Jilda and I played at Legal Grounds Coffee Shop in Jasper. We had a pretty good crowd. The people that showed up were GREAT!
But I'm beginning to think that Jilda and I are rain gods. Every time we go anywhere near Legal Grounds, it rains. Last night, not only did it rain, but it looked as if a tornado, reminiscent of the 1974 tornado that ravaged downtown Jasper, would drop out of the sky at any moment and blow us to South Carolina. I'm guessing this could have deterred some of the people who intended to come see up play.
Our friend Fred did the sound and I think we sounded as good as we've ever sounded. Jilda was scared, but I think that made her play even better. She will be a real picker very soon. I am soo excited.
Y'all have a great weekend.

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