Friday, July 24, 2009

Deer Story

I got home later than usual this evening but things were hectic at work and I didn't get a chance to walk so I decided to take a quick walk before dinner.
All the dogs were excited and were hopping around like kangaroos. As I was about to open the gate, a deer bolted from under the apple tree and headed straight toward the barn. The only dog that saw her was Ol' Buddy and he has the shortest legs of all the dogs. He tore out running as fast as those little legs would carry him. I only wish I had taken my video camera with me and could have shot a video of the episode. I'm sure you all would have gotten a little chuckle.
I checked one of my business bank account and discovered my debit card had been compromised. Almost a hundred dollars had been taken out over the last few days. I called the bank to make sure they cancelled the card. Fortunately, I don't keep much money in that account. Now I have to start all the paperwork to file a complaint and all that stuff.
It's been a long day today so I'm signing off to go eat.

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