Sunday, July 12, 2009


We got rain this evening and it was a wonderful thing to behold. It's been hot here in Empire for the last week. Today the humidity began to build and I knew rain would not be too far behind.
We invited my nephew James and his family over to eat hot dogs and homemade ice cream. The middle child, Breeze loves blowing bubbles and she wanted to go on the deck and blow some.
She went out for a few minutes, but then I heard rain rattling on the roof and we had to shoo her inside. She was not happy.
I looked out the door to the garden and it seemed to be rejoicing. This evening after the rain stopped, I walked down to survey things and it looked like the okra had grown. I expect to see blooms this week and hopefully we'll be eating fried okra by the weekend.
Have a great week.

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