Thursday, July 23, 2009


The Taco Bell Chihuahua died today. She was one of the most successful ads for Taco Bell. Gidget was 15 years old and died of a stroke.
Our dogs are gettin older too. Ol' Buddy is about six years years old and he's the youngest. The oldest is Blackie aka Bear. He's a mix breed that is part Lab. We know this because every time he gets near water, he takes a swim. Next is Astro who is also some kind of Lab mix. He looks like he's crossed with a Grey Hound. Even though he's aging, he is still fast as lightening. Next is Charlie, who is probably ten years old. It's hard to know how old Taylor is but all her teeth are worn down almost to the gum.
I know the day will come when we will start losing them. That is not a day I look forward to.
RIP Gidget.

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