Saturday, July 25, 2009

First Watermelon

We planted watermelons this year and they are coming along nicely but we had one melon that "volunteered" to come up as my grandmother used to say. Which means it grew from a seed that found its way to the garden via the compost.
I throw all non-mean food scraps into the composted and each spring I spread the rich black compost on my garden.
This year a watermelon seed survived and when I spread the compost around the tomatoes, it came up fast a furious.
We've been watching it for a week or two and we decided to try it today. I picked it this morning and this afternoon I spread newspaper on our deck table and cut that baby open.
It was what is known as a sugar baby. Small round melons that are sweet as sugar. It was ripe and it tasted great.
Jilda and I ate half of it sitting there on the deck. Now I can't wait until the others are ready.
The okra is rockin and rollin now too. I cut a basket today. In the morning, we are going to make a soup mix.
During the fall and winter, our homemade soup with a pone of cornbread cannot be beat.
Have a great weekend.

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