Wednesday, July 08, 2009

New Couch

We had our hearts set on eating lunch at Niki's Restaurant in Birmingham today. Jilda had an eye appointment at 10 and we walked around the Galleria for a while so that we could synchronize our arrival at Niki's with lunchtime.
We walked into Macy's to look at juicers. As we walked out Jilda say a red couch out of the corner of her eye. We've been looking for a couch. When we sat, we both almost dozed off.
When we looked at the price tag it was a good bit more than we wanted to spend. The sales lady said "we have a great sale that starts Friday." When she looked up the sale price it was 40% off which put it exactly in the range we had set for the purchase. She put our name on it so this Friday, we'll be the owners of a new piece of furniture.
I thought I'd get away with just buying the couch, but now Jilda is talking about painting the living room.
Not sure what I got myself in to here.

1 comment:

  1. And then you'll need new drapes, and a rug, and new end tables, and those lamps sure look shabby, and...

    Good luck with your new Honey-Do list.


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