Monday, July 06, 2009

Something to Think About

I'm listening to an interesting book now. It's a book entitled "Shop Class as Soulcraft." The theme of the book is one that gets at the heart of work. The nature of work has changed drastically in recent years. Most noticeably since the proliferation of the Internet.
For years, kids have been pushed to college and knowledge based jobs such as computer programming, accounting, radiology and other fields. This shifted kids away from skill based jobs. In fact, most of the high school shop classes around the country have simply shut down.
The effect of this shift is that there are generations of kids now who have not learned to work with their hands. As a result, they don't know hot to fix things.
To make matters, worse, companies are now "off shoring" the knowledge base jobs to India, China, the Philippines and to South America where labor is much cheaper. We are losing high paying white collar jobs at an alarming rate.
The author of Shop Class puts forth the idea that we may be better off focusing on skilled labor that can't be done over the Internet.
Architect designs can be done over the Internet, building the buildings can't.
It definitely gives one something to think about.

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