Sunday, February 07, 2010

Berkeley Bob

My buddy Fred and I are working with Berkeley Bob on a new CD Project. Bob plays old folks and traditional songs like Black Eyed Susy, Jessie James, and he also has a few original tunes that will be included on the project.
We went up yesterday to listen to draft copies of all the songs and discuss graphics.Bob is a delightful person, and a darn good musician. He tends to put himself down, saying that he doesn't think he sounds that good, but his music is earthy and real. I love what he's doing and I think he'll be pleasantly surprised by the finished product.
He owns Berkeley Bob's Coffee Shop in Cullman and I have a feeling that he'll sell more CD's than he thinks. We'll set him up an online store and hopefully he will sell a few units there too.
We plan to send a CD's to All Things Acoustic. Jeremy Buttler, who has done the radio show on NPR for many years loves this kind of music.
It's been a fun process. I think when we get a few projects under out belts, Fred will be a busy little sound man.

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