Saturday, February 27, 2010

Clandestine Exchange

Every few weeks we go to Jasper Feed and Supply to buy fifty pounds of deer corn when we buy our dog food. 
Each night we go out into our garden, and put a few scoops of corn under our apple tree. On special occasions, Jilda will slice up an apple and put it with the corn.
Each morning when we go out, the corn and apples are gone and in their place are a few hoof prints. Most nights it's a clandestine exchange.
But every now and then when the moon gets full, we're paid in full. Last night was payday. Just before we lay down, I was scooping ground coffee into the filter, and setting the timer on the pot. I drew a glass of water from the tap on the sink and looked out across the back deck toward the south. There in the moon shadows under the apple tree, we saw the mama deer and a younger deer cautiously eating their nightly dinner.
I know there are those who may think it foolish to feed wild animals, but just an occasional glimpse of those graceful creatures make it worth while. In fact, I think we're getting the best end of the deal.

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