Sunday, February 14, 2010

SnowBaby vs SnowDog

I can't remember the last time we had multiple snows in one season. I'm talking about snow that sticks on the ground. The weatherman says we could have anywhere from 4 to six inches tonight and tomorrow. That should be interesting.
I think it's because we now have a snowbaby in our family. My great nephew Jordan just turned two years old and he's already seen snow on the ground three times. He love the snow. He comes to our house each time and he wants to walk to the barn.
The only mammal on the here in Empire that enjoys the snow more than Jordan is our dog Black. We call him Bear and one look at this photo and you will understand why.
Bear contracted heart worms a few years ago and he got thin as a noodle. When we took him to the vet, she put him on some maintenance drugs. She wasn't sure if he would pull out of it or not.
He did. He went from about fifty pounds to about ninety six pounds now.
He still has a hard time during the heat of the summer so he spends most of his days inside in front of the fan.
But winter is his season.  In the first picture he was making snowdog angels. In the second photo, he made a b-line to Jordan and promptly knocked him down in the snow. I was using my big camera and the battery died before I could capture that photo, but I can tell you it was pure joy on both of their faces.

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