Monday, February 15, 2010

Walking on Chilly Days

I find myself walking faster on chilly days, especially when I'm walking into the wind. Today, the sun was out but the wind out of the north cut like a shard of glass. So I bunched my jacket and hood closer, leaned into the wind and picked up the pace. I could see my breath escaping out of my mouth like fog from a mining shaft.
But walking in colder weather feels good. It makes you feel alive.
Hunting season was over at the first of February and our four-legged friends made it through. We leave them a scoop of corn under our apple tree each night and when morning comes, the corn is gone.  On Friday as the snow fell, Jilda saw the mama and baby deer frolicking in the field. She went to grab her iPhone to shoot a few frames of video, but by the time she got back to the deck they had scurried off into the hollow.
Maybe next time.
Y'all say warm.

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