Saturday, February 20, 2010


Today was like springtime. I worked outside this morning and then washed both vehicles. My truck was so grimy you couldn't tell what color it was. When I washed the wheels I realized I'd lost two of the wheel covers.
Oh well.
Jilda and I walked for a long while. The light breeze was still cool, but he sun was warm on my face and you could see tiny buds beginning to swell on some of the trees. I hope they don't get over zealous because we will have more cold weather. In fact the weatherman is forecasting snow flurries next week.
I mentioned that I may be retiring early though it will still be weeks before I know for sure, but already my mindset has changed. I'm not getting as excited and stressed at work as I once did.
Also, opportunities are popping up. Opportunities that would be out of the question with a full time job, but not having a day gig changes everything.
My friend Grandpappy said that when he retired, he never looked back and he's done just fine. What's interesting about this particular situation is that I may have an opportunity to receive re-training. That's exciting because I really need to boost my desktop publishing skills. A lot of the thinks I'll be doing if the retirement thing does come through involves graphics, design, and publication.
If I can get better with the latest software available, that has to be a plus for my after-retirement plan.
Anyhow, I think Jilda and I are going to kick back and watch a movie tonight.
Have a great Saturday.

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