Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Cyprus

The snowfall subsided late afternoon on Friday. By sunset, the clouds dispersed and the sun made an appearance  
I shot the photo of the Cyprus just off the back deck, with my iPhone . The sun glinted on the clouds off to the south. It was a beautiful site to behold.
Today the clouds were all white and fluffy and the sun came out warm. By mid-day, the snow was almost gone.
This is the kind of snow I enjoy most. It comes on the weekend, you get outside with the kids and play till your hands and feet get frostbitten, and then you go inside and drink hot chocolate.
The next day the snow is just a memory and an image on your camera that you share with your friends.
The weatherman says we may get another round tomorrow night but things change in the blink of an eye so I'm not putting on my mittens till the fat snowman sings.


  1. That would make a beautiful painting, Jilda. Hint, hint.

  2. Hey Grandpappy, have at it I'd love to see it when you get through.

  3. This is just beautiful!!


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