Friday, March 05, 2010

Dry Run

I had the day off today so I did a dry run for my retirement. I "slept in" and didn't get up until 6:30 a.m. I read the paper, drank coffee, listened to Mozart, and did yoga.
Not once did I look at the messages on my pager nor did I log onto my company laptop and play catchup with my work email.
I took the dogs for a walk. The wind was blowing out of the west and was fairly cool, but the sun was warm on this cloudless day.
I climbed up into the loft of the barn, and hung my feet out the hayloft. I sat there silently for a long time. I wasn't really in a hurry to do anything and it felt really good.
I know there's no way I'll kick my feet up for very long, but I can tell you today was a gift. I have a lot of chores I want to do in a few weeks. Back in the 60's before we owned the property, the lady who owned the place rented it out to folks.
Some of those tenants,  threw old appliances, tires and other junk off down into the hollow.  You don't really notice it in the summer time because of all the honey suckle, dogwood, and buckeye bushes, but when the leaves die down in the fall, you can see the debris. 
It's my intention to get all that stuff out of there. I'd also like to build a stone cold tub in the old spring that runs year around. Then in July and August, we can go down and have a picnic while sitting in a tub of nice cool water.
I'm also moving forward with my new novel. I have an outline and I've been writing in fits and starts, but that's because I really didn't have much free time to write. I'd get in a groove, then not have time to write again for a week. That's not a good way to write.
Anyhow, I'm excited. I hope you all have a great weekend.

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