Saturday, March 06, 2010

Mama Sitting

You can't really fathom the full significance of the game show network until you've experienced it at a REALLY high volume. It's so much more intense and it actually takes on a different meaning as the sound approaches 110 db. 
My teeth start to rattle at about 95 db but my skin doesn't start getting taunt until the sound exceeds 100.
I start hearing voices below the roar (kind of like listening to the Beatles album backwards) as the sound is right for mama.
My mom requires 120 db or better to watch the Newly Wed game, so to avoid permanent damage to my ear drums and auditory canal, I wear sound-proof ear muffs.  This too can be problematic because she also like the temperature REALLY hot.
So after a few hours of mama-sitting, not only are my ears ringing like the Liberty Bell, but my tennis shoes are smoking.
When I mention this to my sister, she says huh?  Her hearing is no better than jet fighter engine mechanic.
My mom has gotten to the age where she has very few pleasures in life. She can't hear, she can't see, and most of her food tastes like burnt cardboard. She likes TV but she likes it loud.
Hey, wearing ear muffs is a small price to pay for all she has done for me.

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