Thursday, March 04, 2010

Interesting Time

I had meetings on my calendar today, but I didn't attend any of them.  I spent my time going through my files, documenting projects, and handing them off to other members of my team.
I started this week going through my desk and cabinets sorting through years of stuff. Coffee mugs, key chains, and old pictures. I'm tossing a bunch of stuff, but there are some things that mean a great deal to me that I can't bear to let go.
I'm getting phone calls and emails from old friends. No one can believe I'm leaving. I've been in that building so long that I've become almost like a fixture...a comfortable old sofa that you hate to let go.
For the most part, I'm really happy, but there's sadness too. A few more weeks and my time there will be only a memory. It's an interesting time.

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