Monday, March 15, 2010

Office Cleaning

I spent time this morning cleaning and rearranging my office. It's uncanny how quickly a desk can turn into a junk heap. Old magazines, newspaper clippings, pictures, unlabeled CD's and the like.
After a few hours, I began to see the oak. I only had to empty the dust out of the shopvac twice. I now have enough organic matter to fill in the low places in the garden.
Normally, the weather starts getting warm in March, but not so this year. I had to bundle up again today when I walked. I think if the sun had burned through the clouds, the temps would have modified but that didn't happen.
I go back to work tomorrow for my last three days there. There's actually not a lot left to do. I have a few meeting with team members to discuss handing over some project work, but I think they are already on top of things. I will need to start wagging stuff home. That will take a trip or two.  
I think the folks at work are going to have some kind of going away party for me but I'm not sure. I was asked if I would be there Thursday so I'm guessing that's the deal.
Anyhow, looking around tonight, it's nice to be working from a nice clean desk. Come to think of it, I'm not sneezing as much since I shifted the dust to the garden.

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